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Phipps Conservatory

My mom is in town for the 4th of July and, more importantly, our baby shower here in Pittsburgh.  We’ve had her in all week – it’s been great!  Of course, that means she’s been helping around the house, cleaning, ironing my socks, etc. 🙂  Today, I was finally able to pull her away from that stuff and we went up to Phipps to walk around a bit.

I also had a moment of weakness and picked up a Canon 180mm Macro last week.  I was looking for this lens for taking pictures of the baby when he/she arrives in September, so I thought it would be a nice way to practice some hand-held macro shots.

This is not easy.  It’s a large heavy lens, very short depth of field, and even breathing can take small subjects in and out of focus very quickly.  The best bet is to line up things as “flat” as possible and parallel to the sensor, and take a number of shots allowing the camera to refocus on every shot.  Many of the shots below I was taking 15-20 images and hoping for something in focus.  No tripods are allowed in Phipps, so what are you going to do?

Many photographers look to have one great image on every trip, and I think my purple flower image was the image that I liked the most.  Well, Ansel Adams hoped to have one great image every year, but my standards are considerably lower!

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