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The Strip District

Met up with some friends from the interwebs and did a small photowalk through The Strip District. To be honest, I have trouble trying to find things that are interesting to me in areas like this – it just doesn’t come natural to me. I found myself struggling to capture things that were interesting to me and found myself capturing “the look” of photographs from others. But that’s a lot of BS, isn’t it? Why should I expect that street photography come natural to me? Good work comes from practice, critique, and learning. Why must this skill flow out of me like I was born with it? Which it clearly doesn’t from the examples I’m posting here!

So here are a few shots from that day. As you can tell, I’m turning into a little bit of a black and white whore. But hey, I’m all good with that. I tried a few two-tones and brought some color back into a few images. I’ve also been messing around with image borders. No method to which images have borders or which do not, I just used what I liked.

I must admit, there are a few images in here I do like, mainly because they bring out the textures of life. I think that’s turning into a theme with my photography: Texture. Textures in nature, and in man made items. I respect the effort that it takes to build a building out of individual stacked bricks and the inconsistencies that are inherent with that work. To me, technology is creating this (ridiculous) demand for perfection – this insatiable need for everything to be perfect all the time. Life isn’t perfect, and the things around us are not. Let’s rejoice in that fact, shall we?

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