About Me

Eric J Carlson Photography
I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the south side of the Liberty tubes.  I’m originally from Chicago and moved out here permanently in 2000 to start a business.  The business is long gone, but I’ve stayed in Western PA where I met my wife Stacie.  We were married in 2010 and our son was born in September, 2011.  I’ve travelled a good amount for my job over the years, and I’ve usually carried a camera with me for those trips.

I think my love for photography comes primarily from my father.  Some of my earliest memories for me in photography are of me laying on the couch, with the slide projector running, and going through my Dad’s early Kodachrome slides from the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s.  After that it was the dozens of books of printed images he took – my birthdays, band trips, college living, family get togethers, and everything in between.  My Dad loved capturing people in the moment.  He was one for the posed image for sure, but my Dad’s best images were always the ones he took while you weren’t looking.

My love is for landscape photography.  How the light can create textures, lines, and patterns in the world around us.  To me, it’s an incredibly difficult skill to learn.  And like anything else, for some people it’s 100% natural.  For me, it’s still difficult to “see” the landscape in the viewfinder – to bring forth a piece of beauty for others to view.  But the work on these pages are samples on my journey to be a great landscape photographer.

The thousands of other images, meaning the ones of family and friends, is me attempting to be as good as my father in capturing the moment.